Episode 46 – Champagne Musings

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Happy New Year from the whole Hiyaa!! Crew!

Welcome to Episode Forty Six of Hiyaa!! THE Martial Arts Podcast – The Champagne Show

Join Dave, Sambo Steve, Bruce Reiter, and a Cast of Thousands in the Actual Champagne Lounge.

So pop your corks and toot your noise makers, and watch out for the Ghost of Craigsmas Past!

Show Notes

Links to more information about some of the things we mention during the show. BTWBlue = Video! ­čÖé

In the Opening

  • Explanation of the Podfade and what is coming
  • Steve Koepfer
  • Bruce Reiter

Champagne Lounge

  • Just listen

In the Closing

7 thoughts on “Episode 46 – Champagne Musings”

  1. I just discovered your podcast and have been working through it steadily. Amazing information! I can’t wait to catch up to this episode.

  2. If you are downloading directly from this page, I did just fix that. If that’s the case try it again and let me know. Thanks!

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