Hiyaa Martial Arts Podcast Episode 50

Beating and Nothingness

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Somebody call the you tubes, time to strap on your pondering helmets!

Welcome to Episode Fifty of Hiyaa!! THE Martial Arts Podcast – The Philosophy Show

Meet Martial Artist and Philosopher Damon Young, Hang with Big Al, and Confront the Elephant in the Room in the Martial Brain.

So Join us in a rousing chorus of the Philosophers Song, Hiyaa Style!

In the Opening

In the Closing

Listener Content: The Martial Brain…The Elephant in the Room

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  1. Nate H. says:

    I really enjoyed this episode- it was the 2nd I’ve listened to since discovering this podcast. In particular, I enjoy the realism and depth of both the interviewer and the guest. These topics are usually avoided by the martial arts community, but anyone who has finally had their blinders taken off (which usually only happens after twenty years of self-illusion)ruminates about the topics mentioned in this show. We are responsible for our power, but rarely do we discuss this. We should, with our students, with our colleagues, and most importantly, with ourselves. Please keep up the very excellent work. Your casualness does not pull away from the depth of the topics nor the tenacious pursuit of a realistic discussion. Well done!

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