Episode 37 – Interview with Benjamin Judkins

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Researching Traditional Chinese Arts, Wu Duh, News, Bruce, and more.

Welcome to Episode Thirty Seven of Hiyaa!! THE Martial Arts Podcast – The Kung Fu Tea Show

This episode we discuss scholarly research of TCMA‘s with Ben Judkins of the fascinating Kung Fu Tea blog.

So put on your thinking caps and strap on your Da Daos, we’re going in!

Benjamin N. Judkins

Show Notes

Links to more information about some of the things we mention during the show. BTWBlue = Video! 🙂

In the Closing

  • The guys discuss how size matters in the application of techniques
  • Harpos in Detroit
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4 thoughts on “Episode 37 – Interview with Benjamin Judkins”

  1. Hey Guys –

    This Judkins interview was so interesting and informative I listened to it twice (something I almost never do given the volume of podcasts I subscribe to). I’ve since become an avid reader of his Kung Fu Tea site. It’s not really as dry and academic as he implies in this episode.

    But it is for the academic crowd so non-English Majors might want to install WordWeb on their systems for quick obscure jargon lookups(esp for papers he links to). It puts an icon in your taskbar and instantly defines words you highlight on web pages or downloaded documents. http://wordweb.info/free/

    Speaking of podcasts, checking my podcatcher today I noticed there hasn’t been a new Hiyaa episode for 6 weeks now. Long time podcast enthusiasts are all too familiar with the dreaded “podburn” phenomenon. For a variety of reasons and with no announcement podcasters will simply quit and the podcast goes into Podcast Limbo and stays there.

    I sure hope that isn’t where the great Hiyaa podcast now resides……………..

    1. Thanks for the comment Dan, that wordweb app looks like a useful tool. Hopefully you have heard the new episode where we explain our absence. I must say, I can totally see how pod fade happens—this stuff is a lot of work—but we are determined to keep the episodes coming. It doesn’t hurt that (most of the time) we still really enjoy doing this stuff. Also, knowing there are people out there that would miss it is powerful motivation. So, once again, thanks!

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