Episode 63 – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Episode 63 - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced - Martial Art Skill Level Proficiency
Episode 63 – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Martial Art Skill Level Proficiency
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Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Martial Art skill level proficiency and the levels of progress, News, and a mystery turd.

Welcome to Episode Sixty Three of Hiyaa!! THE Martial Arts Podcast – The Craig is back and "There’s Gonna be Trouble!" Show.

Join Dave and Craig to discuss a topic suggested by one of our loyal listeners, take barrel roll through the news, and generally get caught up.

… and yes Virginia, there is a "mystery turd!"

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Progressing through the Levels of Martial Art Skill Proficiency

Show Notes

Links to more information about some of the things we mention during the show. BTWBlue = Video! 🙂

In the Opening


Topics & Things

In the Discussion

Topics & Things

  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
    Block, Chop, Kill
  • Beginner
    • Stances
    • Core structure
    • Core tactical foundations
    • Importance of Principle over Technique
  • Intermediate
    • Expand to peripheral structural elements
    • Add uses to previously learned material
    • Increase physicality
  • Advanced
    • Fully realize physicality of your martial art
    • Ability to articulate principles to others
    • Transfer concepts
    • Integration and spontaneity of techniques
  • There are always exceptions to the usual Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced path
    • Weapon-based martial styles
    • European-based styles
    • Styles of necessity/military needs
  • Shrimping (BJJ)
  • BJJ
  • Baguazhang Circle Walking
  • Baguazhang Single Palm Change
  • XingYiQuan (Hsing I Chuan)
  • Taijiquan (also known as Tai Chi Chuan)
  • Chen style Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan)

In the Closing

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