There are several ways to listen to "Hiyaa!! THE Martial Arts Podcast".

Although you don’t need an iPod to listen to Hiyaa, as you can click and listen manually, it’s much easier when each new episode is automatically downloaded to your computer and synchronized with your mp3 player. For that you will need:

  • An MP3 Player (iPod, iRiver, etc.)
  • Podcatcher Software (iTunes, iPodder, Doppler etc.)

Subscribe with iTunes

Hiyaa!! recommends that you install iTunes. It’s free and makes subscribing to your favorite podcasts simple and fun.

Once installed, simply click on that first little button over on the right-side of the page under "Subscribe". Your iTunes program will launch and take you to the Hiyaa Martial Arts Podcast’s page directory. Click on the Subscribe button and the downloads will start automatically.

Subscribe via Other Syndication Services

Enjoy Podnova, PodcastReady, or another of the many available service providers out there?

Just click on that second little button over on the right-side of the page under "Subscribe". You’ll come to our Feedburner Page, where you can select one of many different options available.

Subscribe via Email

Just want to be notified via Email when we’ve got a new Hiyaa Martial Arts episode up?

Easy enough! Just click that little email icon. It’s the third little icon over on the right-side of the page under "Subscribe" and you’re all set!

Play Episodes Manually in your Browser Window

On every Hiyaa Podcast episode page, you’ll find a summary and shownotes, along with an audio player.

Click on the "Play" icon and it will start playing on your computer speakers or headphones.

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