Episode 32 – One Year Anniversary Show!

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Sandbagging, School Shopping, Movies, and Digital Drinks.

Welcome to Episode Thirty Two of Hiyaa!! THE Martial Arts Podcast – An Old School Round Table Show!

Join Dave, Craig, Mag J, Big Al, AND Sambo Steve Koepfer (Oh, what a bounty)!

As we put on a loud and laughter-filled classic-style episode!

Stephen Koepfer

Show Notes

Links to more information about some of the things we mention during the show. BTWBlue = Video! 🙂

In the Opening

  • FIRST Anniversary Episode!
  • Full Roundtable with Dave, Craig, Big Al, Magnificent J. and Stephen Koepfer!
  • Thanks to Stephen for all his great help!
  • How the hell did we make a full year of this nonsense? We been kickin’ it a bit

In the Discussion

  • SandbaggingGrappling
  • SandbaggingOn the Sherdog
  • SandbaggingIn BJJ Tournaments
  • Don’t be a Douche – Empty your Cup!
  • What to consider when choosing a martial arts school/style/teacher, etc.

In the Closing

  • Thanks again Stephen Koepfer!
  • Mag. J. thank you!
  • Flashing Lights we Gotz!
  • Check us out on Facebook and the so on and the so forth
  • Don’t forget you can reach out to us individually at Dave [at] or Craig [at] hiyaapodcast [dot] com
  • Follow SamboSteve on Twitter
  • Dave’s got another’n on the way

Transitional Tunes

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6 thoughts on “Episode 32 – One Year Anniversary Show!”

  1. Too funny, too true. Its amazing how everyone just wants to be “the best” and doesn’t care to help their training partner.

    Just found the podcast – lots of fun. Will leave an itunes review!

    1. Thanks Scott! Glad you like the podcast, and just so you know—Itunes reviews are better than chicken and waffles to us!

  2. Another remarkable show and congratulations on your first year.

    Listening to the show is like reliving conversations I have almost every week, but with different voices.
    And no squirting microphones, we don’t have (and don’t really want) those….

    Are there any other places, in addition to iTunes, that it’s helpful to leave reviews and comments?

    1. Many thanks Matthew! iTunes works, Facebook works and here works as well. There are a few other places, but don’t worry – you’re helping enough as it is. Thanks again…squirt! 😛

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