Episode 13 – Discussion on Instinct

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Instinct, News, Mailbag, and more.

Welcome to Episode Thirteen of Hiyaa!! THE Martial Arts Podcast – The Instinct Show

Join your hosts in a rambling discussion of Instinct in martial arts.

Also,catch up on the news and dive into the mailbag!


Show Notes

Links to more information about some of the things we mention during the show. BTWBlue = Video! 🙂

In the Opening


Topics and Things

  • Pipin in and Skypin in
  • Dave should’ve been a rapper
  • Train Harder
  • A lil Harem-Scarem
  • Thanks Aarron!
  • Dave’s Medicine-ball training is baby bounce

In the Mailbag

Topics and Things

  • Cycles found in Bagua?
  • Creation of New Systems
  • Tradition…
  • Changes – in Bagua, Northern Shaolin, etc.

In the Closing

Topics and Things

  • Sorry for being a bit flighty
  • Send us your stories! Swappin Paint ideally
  • Email or MP3
  • Search for "Hiyaa Martial Arts" on Google
  • Bazinga!
  • People were Crying…

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