Episode 43 – Interview with John Rennie

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Bandannas and bananas, board breaking (and board baking), and more!

Welcome to Episode Forty Three of Hiyaa!! THE Martial Arts Podcast – The Black Belt in Science & Karate Show

Meet John Rennie, former editor of Scientific American magazine and 4th degree Karate black belt, tour the News, and enjoy another segment of The Martial Brain.

So sandpaper those callouses, folks, it’s time to break something!

John Rennie

Show Notes

Links to more information about some of the things we mention during the show. BTWBlue = Video! 🙂

In the Opening


Topics & Things

In the Closing

Listener Content: The Martial Brain – Does Practice Make Perfect?

Transitional Tunes

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3 thoughts on “Episode 43 – Interview with John Rennie”

  1. Hey guys just downloaded episode 43 and it is actually a repeat of episode 42 (Allen Pittman interview). Just letting you know. Many thanks for all the work you do providing these podcasts. Glenn

    1. Hi Glenn,

      Many thanks for your kind words. 🙂 Where did you download from? I’ve checked all of lil places and I’m seeing 43 everywhere.

      1. Hey Craig

        I was trying to download from the green arrow button at the top of the “Episode 43” page. Tried it a couple of times and got the 42 download. Now 43 is showing up when I hover over the button & the download worked fine. All good now. Thanks again Craig.

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