Episode 49 – Interview with Jaredd Wilson

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In this episode of Hiyaa, we chat with Jaredd Wilson, Aikido practitioner and Host of the outstanding Martial Thoughts podcast!

We get a little "Podcaster Cross-Pollenation," look at the lovable Liver Shots, and a bit more.

Welcome to Episode Forty Nine of Hiyaa!! THE Martial Arts Podcast – The Aikido Show!

So…Grab it by the Wrist and Give it a Twist – It’s tiiime for the show!

Jaredd Wilson

Show Notes

Links to more information about some of the things we mention during the show. BTWBlue = Video! 🙂

In the Opening

People & Topics

  • Jaredd Wilson
  • Aikido
  • Good old Jeff Westfall
  • Damon Young & his Beating and Nothingness
    (See Episode 50 with Damon)

In the Interview


Topics & Things

In the Closing


Listener Content: The Martial Brain & The Myth of the Power of the Mind

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